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Youth between the ages of ten and eighteen, living in shelters, foster homes, group homes, detention centers and orphanages. Many have been abused and neglected and do not have a father present in their lives. Partnerships have been developed with Juvenile Departments, State Youth Commissions, youth shelters, group homes and orphanages.

To pick up the broken pieces of the lives of wounded youngsters in group homes, shelters, detention centers, and orphanages by providing life-skills education and ministry through role model speakers, cultural experiences (art, music, and dance), and one-on-one mentoring.

Niños maltratados y descuidados tienen poco o no amor propio. Su contribución nos ayudará a reconstruir su respeto por si mismo y a darles esperanza.

To fill in where there are no parents to help youth turn the tide of destructive behavior - by providing educational enrichment programs and materials, recreational activities, and to introduce them to caring adults who encourage them to overcome problems of drug and alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, the school drop-out rate, and teen suicide - to build self-esteem and character thereby giving them a chance to become productive citizens of tomorrow

and What Dare to Dream is doing about it:

  • No dad at home
  • Mom is working two jobs
  • No food on the table
  • Sell drugs to provide needs
  • Get arrested
  • No spiritual foundation
  • No guidance or encouragement
  • Hopelessness
  • Conduct enrichment programs and keynote speeches to empower youth to build solid moral values and character
  • Recruit and train volunteer teams to give hope and support by sharing life skills and prayer support
  • Plant seeds of encouragement to go beyond what society has dictated to them, and empower youth to develop positive traits that will prepare them for the workplace.
  • Challenge youth to Dare to Dream of a higher education
  • Build trust and expose youth to people and places outside of their environment that would otherwise be out of their reach
  • Develop and provide materials that enhance their life skills and encourage personal and spiritual growth
  • Help connect youth with positive groups and people in their communities
  • Educate the public through the media about the need to get involved in mentoring youth
  • Conduct Mission trips and provide ministry materials where we are guided to serve
  • Provide Christmas gifts and support to needy families to the best of our ability
  • Help mentor young charities and guide them to the necessary resources to be successful in their endeavors
  • Distribute donations such as furniture, clothing, toys, and more to other charities
  • Direct youth coming out of orphanages and the foster care system to resources in the direction of their dreams.
  • Promote belief in God and country