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Because of Jan Tennyson’s personal experience of growing up in the foster care system in New York City, a dream in her heart was birthed to find a way to help broken-hearted displaced youth to have a chance to succeed regardless of their circumstances.            

In the early 80’s she began visiting shelters and group homes in the Dallas metroplex and began telling her story of her father who grew up in an orphanage and a mother who was admitted to a mental institution when she was an infant. Her positive words resonated with the troubled teens that were very hard to reach. She inspired them to recognize their value and encouraged them to know that with God all things are possible.  

In 1987 Jan established a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Dallas Texas called Teenage Profiles for Success that was later renamed Dare to Dream Children’s Foundation. Today Jan is a woman of faith committed to creating positive memories in the lives of orphan children and youth all over the world. Her autobiography She Dares to Dream…the Jan Tennyson Story is available at

After ministering for ten years alone, she made a decision to recruit volunteers and build teams of people of faith to join in her vision. Since 1987, Dare to Dream volunteers have impacted the lives of thousands of abused, neglected and foster children. These role models share their life-skills and encouragement in City and State run facilities, schools, community centers, homeless shelters and orphanages. They share their Christian faith, their talents and personal stories of overcoming adversity. They play a vital role in the rehabilitation process of these juveniles.

Most of our youth have been abused, neglected, and become foster children who end up in the runaway and detention centers of our city.  Most of them come from single parent households without a father involved in their lives.

In 1997, Dare to Dream won theLongevity Award and the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Dallas County Juvenile Department.

In May of 2003 Dare to Dream partnered with Hillcrest Church and recruited a team to travel on a Mission trip to the orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, and Christ for the Nations Bible School in Timisoara, Romania. Since then youth in Costa Rica, Turkey, Thailand, Russia, and Mexico have heard messages of love and encouragement.

In June of 2003 Dare to Dream won the Faithfulness Award and one of our volunteers won the Volunteer of the Year Award and the Chaplaincy Award presented by the Texas Youth Commission Cottrell House.

Dare to Dream has recruited, trained, and equipped over 300 volunteers to work locally and throughout the world with young people who need our guidance and direction to become solid contributors to society.

Dare to Dream consults with new ministries and helps them during the beginning stages of non-profit work.

In 2007 Dare to Dream received the Texas Governor’s Lonestar Achievement Award.

In 2012 Dare to Dream received a proclamation from Dallas County Commissioner’s Court for 25 years of continuous service. Dare to Dream plans to impact the lives of the brokenhearted with the love of Christ for generations to come.